Phone Number: (732) 214-1933 

(call between 10am – 8pm) but you can text anytime


Cash or Electronic Payment Preferred

1) You may pay by the month, or by single lesson.

2) Tuition is due before the 1st of the month if paying monthly to reserve several slots.

3) Payment for single lessons must also be paid in advance (within 24hrs of scheduling) to reserve the time slot in the schedule.

4) If lessons are not paid for in advance there is a chance the time may be offered to another student.


Time Slots Subject to Availability

1) Please be on time. The teacher is not obligated to go past your scheduled lesson time if you are late.

2) Payment secures your lesson time in the schedule

3) If payment to reserve your slots for the month is not received by the 1st, you can lose your slots.


24hrs. Notice

If you must cancel please do so by phone (see number above), 24 hrs before your scheduled lesson time.  If you do this it will be considered an excused absence, and we can schedule a make up lesson.  If sufficient notice is not given, you will be charged for the lesson, as the time will be difficult to fill after this point. Please do not cancel via e-mail.


Take Care of Your Instrument

1) Avoid singing if your voice is fatigued or you are feeling ill (it might mean cancelling the lesson, gig, recording session, etc.)

2) Pace yourself! Don't over do it! If you feel tired, you are probably tired.

3) You are in complete control of how you use your voice. Avoid abuse and overuse, get ample rest and make healthy life decisions, warm up regularly, go to the doctor when you are ill, and sing repertoire that is suitable and healthy for your voice.


Think Ahead

1) Please provide notice of at least one week if you are stopping lessons.

2) There are no refunds. Lessons that were paid for in full, but not taken prior to the student stopping lessons will not be refunded.

3) The teacher reserves the right to stop or cancel lessons if circumstances arise that warrant these actions (some examples: excessive late cancellations, tardiness, chronically unprepared student etc...)

4) Students who stop lessons for more than 60 days (from their final lesson day) forfeit any grandfathered rates and lesson times, and basically sign up as brand new clients if they choose to return.


-Publilius Syrus, Roman Author